LinkedIn vs – Popularity Trend over the years

LinkedIn is a Social Media platform which gives us networking opportunity at a professional level. It is increasingly being used for job search as well. It is a good platform where jobseekers can showcase their skills and get recommendations from their colleagues.

Job Portals like, etc. have been favorite amongst job seekers and recruiters since long time. However the search interest of people for these website have varied over the course of time.

The trend analysis below shows how the search interest of people in India have varied over a period of time for and LinkedIn.

The analysis is based on the trends charts from Google Trends.

Numbers on y-axis represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for a given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. Likewise a score of 0 means the term was less than 1% as popular as the peak.

The above chart shows that was once very popular however its popularity has slowly decreased over time. LinkedIn on contrary gradually picked up in popularity in 2007 and has now more or less stabilized while is still in downward trend.


The chart here is based on last 3 months data and it shows the location wise interest of people in India.

It shows which term ranked highest in each region during the specified time frame.

Areas in Blue indicate that was most popular search item for people in those regions as compared to LinkedIn while Red color indicates otherwise. North and Central India show most of the related search.

The below chart shows the region wise popularity score for both Naukri and LinkedIn during last three months.


Of all the regions, Haryana/ Delhi-NCR topped in the search interest for both Naukri and LinkedIn. This means that the proportion of queries pertaining to Naukri/LinkedIn was higher in Delhi-NCR as compared to other regions.

Last three months trend for both Naukri and LinkedIn show a cyclic activity. Search queries peak during weekdays and dip on weekends.


LinkedIn seems to be taking over in terms of popularity in India. Along with the networking opportunities it offers a platform for job search. The increasing trend of search popularity of LinkedIn in no way implies that it is the preferred medium for job hunt as of date.

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