Dynamic co-occurrence network of authors and their co-authors

Co-Occurrence Networks are undirected networks that make connection between the entities of the same type.

Given below is a dynamic co- occurrence network of Katy and her co-authors. Records with Katy Borner as a author were downloaded from the NSF database at  http://sdb.cns.iu.edu.

The .csv file was uploaded into Sci2 tool and Co-Occurrence network was extracted. Starting year was defined as one of the nodes attributes. The starting year is the year when a first publication co-authored by Katy and another author was published.  The network thus extracted was visualized using Gephi.

From the Data laboratory tab using the option of ‘Merge Columns’, the column with the Start Year was converted to time interval. The network was thus rendered as a dynamic network with nodes gradually appearing and network growing in time.


Nodes are colored based on the number of grants awarded  and are sized based on the degrees.

Blue: 13 awards

Red: 2 awards

Green: 1 award

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