5 Unique Bar chart variants

Bar Chart is a very popular way of visualizing qualitative data. It displays data using rectangular bars where the length of each bar is proportional to the value it represents, making it easy to compare data across different categories.

They can be easily made in MS Excel.

steps to make bar chart


Though popular, bar charts may appear dull and boring. Here we give you

  1. Spring Chart
  2. Artistic Bar Chart
  3. Balloon Chart
  4. Radial Bar chart
  5. Infographic Bar Chart

Spring Chart


spring chart

Beautiful coils of spring replace the bars. The number of coils in the spring can be configured based on user preference. Springs will compress or expand depending on the values on Y-axis. Any number of variables can be added on X-axis depending on the context.Use them to represent expansion and contraction in Revenue, GDP, etc.

Bar Charts with Background


bar chart background

Simple bar charts can be made aesthetically pleasing by overlaying relevant images on the bars. Check out this artistic bar chart.The chart below shows Log population of top 10 happiest countries of the world with an underlaid bright picture.

For step wise instructions to make this in Excel ->  Make Bar chart with background image

Balloon Chart


balloon chart

Who said balloons are for kids? Even grownups can make use of balloons to make data analysis fun.

By cleverly tweaking the bubble chart in excel we can create amazing balloon charts. Colors and size of the balloon can be customized as per user preference.

The chart above shows the monthly sales (M $) of a company.

Click to know -> How to make Balloon Charts in excel

Radial Bar Chart

Also known as circular bar chart, it represents data plotted as series of concentric circles. As the bar charts are plotted on different perennial points, length of bar chart cannot be directly compared with each other.

radial bar chart

Check out this video How to make Radial Bar Chart in Excel  to learn how to make them.

Infographic Bar Chart

Bar charts can be created in infographic style using contextual shapes and forms to represent the information. They can be an effective aid in visual storytelling. Any number of variations can be created for these charts. With a touch of artistry, you can transform the mundane graphs into interesting pieces of arts.


infographic bar chart

Check out this video to learn how to make them in excel – > Make Infographic Bar Chart in Excel

Present templates of these charts with sample data can be download from here -> Download Templates

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