Spring chart in Excel

What is Spring Chart:

Spring Chart is a beautiful way of representing your data in context to business KPIs. Its an alternate way of bar chart representation. Bar chart is most popular way of representation but becomes a blindspot given its wide prolific usage.

spring chart

How to draw Spring Chart:
Spring chart is not available as standard chart type in Microsoft Excel. It can be made in Microsoft excel using customized methods and templates.

Number of coils in the spring can be amended based on the context of the chart. X Axis fields can be added to show more number of variables that can be represented in the chart. Colors and height of variables can be customized according to the requirement.

Make Spring Chart in Excel by plugging in your data below:

Where to use Spring Chart:
Spring chart can be used to represent various business context and few of them are mentioned ahead. It can used to represent expansion and contraction in Revenue, GDP, etc.
Kindly let us know in comments if you think it can be used to represent other relevant business metrics.

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